Poplar Meta Cremation urns

Poplar or Tulip or Tulip Poplar is one of the most interesting woods because of the potential for wide and wild variation in color - not only from tree to tree, but from boards of the same tree.  Often considered a secondary wood for cabinet interiors and covered with veneer, this species deserves more love but requires an adventurous spirit.  We match components for tone and hue, of course, but cannot guarantee requests for a particular hue.  If color request is absolute, please indicate so in your order notes.  There may be an extended delivery date to meet hue certainty.

Non-structural spalting, birdseyes, branch beginnings, knots, and other inclusions are considered features rather than mistakes by nature.  Please indicate if this is not in your loved ones' aesthetic on the product page and we will honor your request.

Light Poplar

About 35% of what comes from our suppliers is of light variety - white with a yellow hint to very light tan.  Some boards a mix of light and mid.

"Normal" Poplar

The vast majority of Poplar in any lumber yard is comprised of this yellowish-green hue that can vary in value to the point of being brownish or lighter than this sample.  Distinct sections of Light and Dark Poplar can be adjacent to any of these. 

Dark Poplar

This Dark comprises only about 15% of what is available at any supplier and is sometimes sold at a higher price point as "Purple" poplar.  Nearly full black/brown, purple, red, green are possible both over large areas are in variation, sometimes with shots of white.

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