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There's no such thing as a "Cleveland Discount"

...or at least there probably wasn't until now
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High-end, designer cremation urns of contemporary style are often priced significantly higher.  We have two advantages that allow us to have mid-range pricing on the META Cremation Urn:

  1. Location
  2. Our hands are in the work


The Midwest is an incredibly inexpensive place to live and there is manufacturing in our blood - or at least the infrastructure to make it happen more readily.  Cleveland wasn't always as great it is today and it is still dark as night for eight months of the year but we are grateful to be from here.  We owe our home town and its people - especially when their hearts are broken.


Being raised blue collar has a permanent imprint on a person.  Strikes, layoffs, and negative-degree weather create a resilience that is hard to arrive at any other way.   That kind of resilience might allow a person to spend twenty years willing a successful company into existence.  There are no "positions" at ARIL.  Everybody gets their hands dirty.  All of us have struggled.  All of us have experienced loss.

  • believe the META Cremation Urn is a fit for you or a loved one
  • are from Ohio
  • and need a discount

Tell us your story.  Let us know where you're from in Ohio.  Describe your need.

We will help out.

The Cleveland Discount
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