Although our focus is currently on our new product lines, we occasionally accept patronage to create intensely personal objects of art to honor the lives and memories of those passed.

Custom objects are not mass produced.  They are "one of a kinds."

There are several very important factors to understand when considering this:

  • Materials, hardware, and tooling are purchased at small quantity pricing rather than bulk
  • Every step of production is unique to your project
  • Massive amounts of care, time, and sensitivity are poured into producing heirloom objects of museum quality
  • All design, engineering, and labor is highly skilled, requiring a professional rate greater than that of the average tradesperson
  • The timeframe for delivery can only be estimated - although we do strive to beat our estimates
  • The average project can take anywhere form one to three months from the time of engagement to delivery


The Process


In person (on pandemic hold), by  phone, Skype, email, mail - whichever method works best for you - we will ask you to tell us about the subject to be memorialized.  Photos are inspiring and necessary for portraits.  Everyday items or objects of importance can also be provided or even incorporated into the piece.

We will also ask you about your needs and tastes.  Where will this object reside?  What are your preferences in terms of decor and design?  There are no limits on the kind of input you can provide.

These meetings are not always easy but we keep them relaxed and informal.  Your grief will be treated with the utmost respect and sympathy.  We have seen loss of our own.

An initial consultation fee of $60 is required to move into the Ideation and Sketching phase.  Travel expenses outside of the Northeast Ohio area are factored in to the final invoice.


Ideation and Sketching

Up to three concept thumbnail sketches will be provided electronically for you to evaluate and respond to.  These are meant to provide a direction for design.  Sometimes a path is immediate and obvious to both parties.  Other times, sketching may take a few rounds to arrive at a solution that meets the needs of the client.

Design & Engineering

Once a concept/sketch is decided upon and approved, we engage under contract and statement of work.  This may include further hand drawing and/or 3D modeling.  Material samples may be provided depending on the project.   Design, timeline, and production costs are finalized at the close of this phase.

Production and Delivery

The relationship between timeline and estimated hours is flexible to your needs and budget.  A 40 hour project with a relaxed timeline of three months will have a different price and payment schedule than a 120 hour project that needs to be delivered within a month.  Each circumstance is unique.  The goal is to arrive at a situation that allows us to concentrate as fully as possible on your needs.

Production starts with a 50% deposit in an online project that constitutes a contract.  Balance is due in full for delivery.  Shipped projects include packing/crating, freight, and insurance.

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