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We were taught that the bottoms and backs of works of art matter.  So we do our best to present ourselves professionally here on our website as well as in our products.  This might make us look like a bigger company than we are.  No inferior product leaves our mailroom.

Staying in business requires a focus on profitability, but we’re equally interested in the capital of meaningful human interaction and bringing Art, Design, and Craft to remembrance.  By doing business with us, you are making it possible for us to continue this mission for others.  Think of it as participating in crowdfunding where you are actually guaranteed to get the premium with the added plus of paying it forward so that others might have the same.

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The Details

Returns and Exchanges

Memento holds your paid funds for 3 days after delivery before re-injecting those resources back into bringing Art, Design, and Craft to remembrance.

If you are unable to commit to your purchase before that timeframe, we ask that you get in touch with us to give us a heads up so that we can hold your funds for up to 3 additional days.

If you need to make a return or exchange after those initial timeframes but before 30 days, get in touch with us. We won't be able to provide a refund as quickly, but we will do our best to help you.

After 30 days, the income from your purchase has already been turned into Art, Design, and Craft for someone else’s remembrance.  We ask that you keep this in mind, but never be afraid to get in touch.

If a return/exchange is the result of a demonstrable error on Memento’s part, Memento will send a prepaid shipping label via email if the customer is willing to provide photo document of:

  1. the condition of the product before return shipping (all sides)
  2. the packed box before taping the box up (demonstrating adequate protection of product in box)
  3. the taped up box to-be-shipped (showing adequate taping)

This is to protect your and our partnership from shipping neglect.  

Refund requests within 30 days of delivery will be honored on products that return in the original condition in which they were shipped from Memento via the purchasing credit card (when available) or by check (if credit card refund is not available).  Refund process will be initiated within two business days of receipt of product in the condition it left customer's address minus the cost of engraving, even if engraving was provided as part of a promotion

Shipping costs of returns/exchanges that are not the result of Memento error are the responsibility of the customer.  Our boxed full size products weigh around 10 pounds or more and shipping costs have recently increased across all carriers.  We recommend following steps 1 - 3 and insuring the full cost of the product to make sure we are able to return a product to process your return or hold the shipper accountable.

Refund requests will be honored within any timeframe if the return is the result of material failure that is not the result of fire, excessive heat, excessive moisture, abuse, neglect, dropping, accident, act of God/war/natural disaster.

Refunds/exchanges on initial deposits and final deposits on commissioned works are not possible.  Please see COMMISSIONED WORKS for more details.

Photo Documentation

Snapping photos is so easy that we recommend taking photos of received products as you unpack them AND detailed photos of any returns/exchanges and your packaging (the interior before taping shut and the taped up box).

This helps protect all of us if the shipper decides to dribble your return package up our walkway.

Our product photos are sometimes a representation of a product line.  Different pieces of wood in the same species can change the character of a product slightly.  Feel free to ask for photos of the actual piece/s we plan on sending for your approval.

Shipping Returns

Zappos is great, but our business model cannot support that kind of return shipping of what are sometimes heavy items.

Be sure to get in touch with us before sending a return/exchange.  We can often facilitate replacements and accommodate timeline issues if given enough warning.

We strongly reccommend photo documenting the condition of the product before return shipping, the packed box before taping the box up, and the taped up box to-be-shipped.

Shipper Neglect

Memento packages with the assumption that there is going to be some abuse and neglect in transport.  There are some cases where a custom crate is required.  Even then, if the shipper decides to jump a drawbridge while transporting and then use the box or crate to hold up an axle on the same or any other transport, we think you’d agree that those are circumstances beyond our control.  We hope that you will consider Memento a partner in holding the shipping company accountable in any such circumstances and ask for your understanding and patience if such an event occurs.

We can and will provide custom crating and shipping options by request.

When We Would Probably Have To Decline 

Return/exchange requests 30 days after delivery.

If a requested return/exchange arrives at Memento rendered unable to be returned to inventory and the shipper is not at fault, Memento will offer to reship the product back to the customer at no charge, but a refund will not be possible.  An exception is if the ruined state of the product is the result of failure that is not is not the result of fire, excessive heat, excessive moisture, abuse, neglect, dropping, accident, act of God/war/natural disaster.

If you are having an issue with a product before or even after the 30 days after receipt please contact us.  We may be able to address your situation in a way that most suppliers cannot because we make our own products.


Commissioning work involves risk by both parties, but the relationship between craftsperson and buyer is an ancient one.

Most of us are generations removed from the practice.  If you are considering a commissioned work, please GET IN TOUCH to see if we are currently accepting commissions.

We can walk you through how those risks are managed.  In short, a non-refundable deposit is required.  Final finished photos are provided for documentation.  A final deposit is made and is considered a non-refundable sale.  Product ships fully insured.

Memento will stand by the quality of our craftsmanship and do everything we can to make things right if, for some reason, there is product failure attributable to our failure or neglect.

Installed works sometimes require maintenance.  Transportation and a reasonable hourly rate will be billed to the customer for service calls.


While all of our products that contain wood are in some regards “one-of-a-kind”, there are certain circumstances where similar replacements would be completely impossible.

Some Notes on Wood


Tree parts never stop moving until they decay or burn.  This movement is accounted for in our designs and engineering through traditional and not so traditional methods.  Often we will overbuild a feature or area in order to ship with confidence.  We expect our products to be become part of a future archeological dig thousands of years from now.

While rare, extreme and/or sudden changes can in humidity can result in cracks/checking in wood.  If such an event were to occur in a way that was structural and the result of error on our part, Memento will ship, rebuild and replace the piece or component at no cost to the purchaser.

By “structural” we mean the basic function of the piece has failed or is in jeopardy of failing.

If such a state of failure or jeopardy is accompanied by undo stress such as water, steam, fire, extreme heat or dryness, dropping, accident, act of God/war/natural disaster, etc. we ask that you level with us - remember, we want your remembrances served better through Art, Design and Craft.  We can likely work out a solution that doesn’t put us in the position of working for free and makes your situation right.

Glue Joints

A properly set up glue joint will often be stronger than wood itself.

In centuries (and sometimes even decades), the wood can change so that it pulls away somewhat from the joint, causing the joint to become emphasized.  This does not usually affect structural integrity of a vessel or object, but we take it into consideration.  Because of this, we try to avoid visible glue joints in turned vessels unless there is no other method for achieving a desired result.  Instead, we prefer to use whole pieces of wood for vessels that rely on the natural strength of the grain direction for stability.

In the cases where we do use glue, we don’t always use 100% water proof glue.  Soaking, steaming, dripping, submersion, and rain will eventually cause these joints to fail and wood to rot.  If your project has specific outdoor or water contact requirements, we will engineer and build to withstand the elements within reason and best practice in the wood manufacturing and building industries.


Wood can and does change color with UV exposure.  Certain dyes and stains can lighten with time.  Returns and exchanges are not available in these cases but we can and will work with you to find a solution that incurs reasonable professional rates for any services rendered.

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