This testimonial for a Cleveland local cremation urn is especially meaningful to us.

The funeral home's normal offerings did not interest the customer.  Despite being in Northeast Ohio, the funeral home had never heard of Memento.  We are a boutique that has focussed on a national awareness campaign and are only now circling back to local relationships.

The gentleman waded through pages of search engine results to find us and use our contact form.  He was that motivated even in his time of grief.  We got in touch with him and directed him to our newest product - The Meta Cremation Urn.  We made arrangements and delivery to the funeral home.

Following up on the day of the funeral isn't something we always have opportunity to do, but we are always honored to be part of every person and family's remembrance.

I apologize for the delay of my response, but I just wanted to thank you for reaching back out to me. It truly means a lot. In addition, I want to thank you SO much for going out of your way to assist me when notified. I've been called articulate in the past, but your kindness and willingness to help in my time of need has left me at a loss for words. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! If there's ever anything I can do to assist you, please do not refrain from asking. 
As a matter of fact, considering I work for (*company name redacted*), if you or anyone close to you is EVER in the need of a (•product type redacted•) and considering a (•product brand redacted•), let me know. I will get you a discount. Just let me know. I am eternally grateful for your assistance. 

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