Live Edge London Plane Cremation Urn Triplet is the result of a special request from a progressive green funeral professional who is able to read when a family's interest in something beyond the usual offerings for remembrance.  London Plane is often mistaken for "Sycamore" which is understandable since they are in the same family of Plane trees.  The quartersawn grain is spectacular like Lacewood and here we feature the live edge of the tree so that the family members can divide the cremated remains of their loved one while having a consecutive narrative of time and the tree's story as part of their own.  The custom engraved bottoms have the name blurred to protect the privacy of the family.

The Meta Cremation Urn line is a platform that allows us to use unique woods to create custom remembrance options.  We are expanding the species that we keep in stock with Cherry and Black Walnut soon but get in touch with making a request for something to match your interests.

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