Cherry Meta Cremation Urns

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Cherry Meta Cremation Urns are surfaced incredibly smoothly and finished with a non-toxic, high-resin-content oil that makes the grain sing.

Cherry wood... there is no other way to say it.  There's something about it that just devastates me (Chris Harvan).  The grain patterns of side, face, and end grains all fascinate me.  The smell of milling cherry triggers something that cannot be put into words.  Applying finish to a well-prepared surface is one of the greatest moments in working wood.  Every time.

Dark stripes or segments sometimes called "gummy" cherry are featured rather than sawn away as waste.  This also includes knots, pinholes, wormholes, the starts of branches, and sapwood that are structurally sound.  Applying dyes and stains to Cherry is sacrilege.  With age and UV exposure, the surface will darken.

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