Barn Wood Cremation Urn

All of the barn wood in this limited edition version of the Meta Cremation Urn is white oak. In all cases, the tops of all these urns are made from white oak that is at least 300 years in the making, if not more.  Internal and bottom components of some of the series use the same ancient wood. Others do not. There is significant photo documentation within each product to help you choose.

The saplings were likely alive when The United States was founded. The growth rings are incredibly tight and estimated to be from trees that were at least 200 years old when harvested. How long they were in the service of agriculture is tough to say, but timber-framed barns are generally not torn down for salvage until they have had lengthy service.

Bases are of the same quarter inch thick, powder-coated aluminum as all Meta Cremation Urns, but they have been distressed prior to powder coating to create an effect that is almost like leather.

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