Bowling Ball Cremation Urn

Bowling Ball Urn
  • ~11.5" tall, ~8.5" diameter
  • ~60" cui of volume
  • custom cast resin and threaded closure
  • hard maple stand to mimic bowling lane and gutter
  • custom engraving
  • polyurethane
  • milk paint

"Chris did an amazing job from the ball to the base. He brought my image to life that I had for my mom. The quality of his work is amazing. He took his time and made sure it was perfect down to the detail. When I seen my mom bowling ball transformed into her resting place I was speechless. I couldn’t believe my idea was brought to life. Let’s talk about the base which represents the bowling lane and gutter. Now pictures does no justice for how beautiful he created this from scratch. It looks just like a bowling lane. It shines perfect just like you see in the bowling alleys when they buff those lanes. Then you have that black trim which represents the gutter which my mom did not get those to often lol. The detail on the base it self & engraving is perfect. I know my mom is smiling down and loving her resting place which is with the sport she loved. His communication was great. If you had any questions he replied quickly and answered them all. My experience was great and I would recommend him to anyone if you are looking for a unique and creative idea that needs to be brought to life. Thank you Chris for being amazing at what you do. You truly have a talent and I am grateful that I found you."

This patron was able to provide quite a few options for pursuing for her vibrant mother's resting place.  Having worked with bowling balls before for Memento's Big Lebowski Urns, I suggested using her actual bowling ball as the vessel plus a display that would put her back on the lanes with no chance of a gutter ball.

There was a certain amount of risk that a serious bowler's ball might have something other inside it other than urethane.  The kind of thing that ruins tooling and the keepsake nature of the object at the same time.  Luck was with us and the project turned out very well and the patron is most pleased.

Would you like a bowling ball cremation urn?

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