Cotyledon Urn

Rebirth and growth are the emphasis with Cotyledon Urn. Science has always been of interest to me. The similarities between shapes and processes within nature (from microbiology to astronomy) are a common undercurrent within my work.

The cedar base is fuzzy and mimics the feel of rough sawn cedar (because it essentially is, just without the saw marks) and the design language of plant pots. The maple top is cotyledon, bud, and seed pod in concept - overall, growth. Turned, sculpted, sanded utterly smooth, then distressed to create a linear, botanical pattern, aniline dyed, and finally shellaced. Pressure fit into base in a recessed area with a cork bung.

  • cedar
  • maple
  • aniline dye
  • shellac
  • linseed oil
  • approx. 22" high x 7" wide
  • vessel interior is approx. 5" wide by 7" deap
  • just over 135 cubic inches of volume

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