Hard Rock Obelisk Black Leather Urn

Client about her husband: he doesn't "deserve just a cookie-cutter urn".

That this is not.

The request also included black leather, silver furniture nails, and a Celtic theme.  She asked if we had ideas.

Of course, we did.

We're considering offering this as a product line.  We can do them upholstered, natural-finished, painted, really - whatever is required.  Pricing starts at around $3200.

The interior volume is in excess of 220 cubic inches.  Upholstered versions are about 10" square and 14" tall.  Non-upholstered versions would have larger volume or be made slightly smaller.  The dimensions can be adjusted to fit many columbarium sizes or be even larger.

Production time: ~6 weeks
Ships fully insured.

"I just received my husband's custom urn and I am blown away from this piece of art! I wanted something that was cool and edgy, but totally Vince! And Chris was able to bring it too life! It's amazing! Thank you for your craftsmanship and your wonderful customer care! You are one of a kind!"

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