Lemniscate Arrowhead Memorial

Arrowhead Memorial

This garden memorial is inspired by the life, love, and relationship of the deceased. He practiced flintknapping as a soon to be archeologist and celebrated the lemniscate (infinity) as a symbol of the bond between he and his fiance. The conclusion to combine the two was fairly evident in the discovery process with the client. Fusing them tactfully is something that happened through the sketching process.

The white oak sculpture is carved by hand and is suspended from the cedar post by stainless steel cable. The whole piece is drawbored to a pressure treated member that is embedded in 210 pounds of concrete in a 32 inch deep hole to avoid frost heave. Finish is an outdoor oil with an incredible amount of resins plus a good UV protector.

Custom Pricing
A project of this size/scale that includes, design and engineering, carving, mechanical components, and sculpting in the round takes starts at around $3600. Larger or more complex projects may take more resources.  Please read about becoming a patron.

  • white oak
  • cedar
  • steel cable

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