Memorial Sculpture Design

The process for creating something that has never been made before can be bumpy.  This memorial sculpture was inspired by the eagle rehab the deceased was involved in and an X-wing Fighter from Star Wars - he was a major fan.

What originated as a simple concept with a very lean, clean sketch required far more technical engineering and machining than the original budget could handle.  This could only have been discovered in the various testing, drawing, and estimation processes.

While this would have been fun to have machined and powder coated, the subsequent version of this same project relies on a much more simple wing hinge and an overall simplification that results in a stronger piece.

Custom Pricing
A project of this size/scale that includes, design and engineering, carving, mechanical components, and sculpting in the round takes starts at around $10,000. Larger or more complex projects may take more time. Please read about becoming a patron to understand why custom work costs what it does.  We will also design for other fabrication shops.  Just get in touch.

On the right are sketch, design, and engineering drawings done in Sketchup:

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