Monkey Muzzle Dog Cremation Urn

  • ~4.5" tall, ~8" diameter
  • ~65" cui of volume
  • threaded closure
  • hard maple
  • ebony
  • linseed oil
  • bees wax
  • milk paints

"I am so happy with Dodger’s urn and the extra noses.  I love the craftsmanship..."

Designing unique, personalized remembrance is only possible by listening to the stories told about the deceased.  Sometimes there are overt themes that require inclusion in the design process.  Other times, inspiration comes from a photo or a seemingly insignificant detail.  This monkey muzzle dog cremation urn was no exception.

In this case, Dodger loved his Monkey toys.  Despite this love, he always tore the noses off.  To honor his efforts in noseless primate companions, the "nose" in this urn is affixed only by rare earth magnets hidden in the noses and interior of the urn that is shaped to recall his much-loved dog toy.

Sometimes custom projects have no hitches.  Other times, there are significant, multiple hurdles that challenge my 20+ years of experience woodworking.  We work through them, at no additional cost to the customer, until the end result is museum quality remembrance artwork.

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