Pomegranate Ring Box
  • white oak
  • aniline dyes
  • shellac
  • milk paint
  • beeswax

Where do you put your ring when you're about to pick up that greasy wrench or landscape paver? Someplace random, like a pocket, the dashboard, the bathroom sink, or the porch. Then you move on to other things and promptly forget where you "safely" deposited. If you have a special, specific and sacred place to put your ring when you're not wearing it, won't you be less likely to misplace it?

Turned, carved, distressed, stained, milk painted, shellaced, and beeswaxed white oak.

Inspired by ink well and pomegranate, the form is meant to be classic yet somewhat steampunk.  Invoking the language of manmade products by mimicking machined or cast ribs in the lid, provides a sense of familiar but with a hand made twist.  Said lid is pressure fit.  The whole thing feels simultaneously smooth but rough.  A very nice object to handle.

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