Keepsake Bowls

The Cleveland Heights Forestry gentlemen were kind enough to leave me some sycamore limb chunks a few years ago. The notion of these keepsake bowls has been knocking around for not quite as long, but Lilies of the Valley are the what inspire the form. Each one is different and depends on the tree part it is pulled from.

A keepsake bowl is a place to keep items of sentiment from the deceased's life. We leave so much behind. Some of it of consequence, some of it might otherwise be discarded. Everyday items can serve as just a poignant reminder.

If I had time to prepare for my departure, I would put together "Memory Bells" that contained the following for my girls: a wood shaving from a hand plane or lathe, a link from a bike chain, a maple saramas, spruce needles, a small stone from Vermont, a juniper berry, a rosemary sprig, and a piece of candy corn.

  • various sizes
  • sycamore
  • milk paint
  • carnauba wax

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