You can meet a person, interact with them, transact business, have a professional relationship long or short and never realize that you share a deep bond.

As a graduate of the Jumpstart Impact Program, Memento is on a PR roster for local media spots.  I got the call at 2:00 pm and was on camera by 7:30.  Not a lot of time to get a pro haircut and beard trim for a media appearance, but those things are so pre-pandemic anyhow and entrepreneurs adapt, right?

I was told it would air on the 11 pm news but you never know what is going to survive the cut.  Plus we haven't had broadcast television in our home for years and I need my 7 hours of sleep.  I was surprised to have mail and texts that we were on the homepage of News 5 Cleveland, with our own article.

More importantly, when I clicked on the journalist's bio, I realized we left a very important topic unbrooched.  Yes, tacos.  Perhaps, I should just start talking tacos from the jump with people?  Dalaun and I got along fine but we could have connected on a near-spiritual level if we had cut to the chase of the most important topic of all and then moved on to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

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