Cremation Urn Survey Results

Cremation Urn Survey Results
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Dear Funeral Industry Professional:

Every trade publication has at least one article that is driving home the message of product diversification with an over-emphasis on personalization.

While there may be plenty of customers who’s satisfaction improves with adding laser engraving to the “same old urn”, our encounters with consumers tell us that there are many missed short (and subsequently long) term opportunities by not offering options that are contemporary, unusual, or maybe even *gasp* breathtaking.

“Price would have been no object” is one of the things we hear from funeral home customers when we show them our work.  That is very different from “fine” or “awful”, which is what they usually say when we ask about the options that have been offered to those same people in funeral homes all over the country.

We at Memento are not with them at the point of need, though.  You are and you know your customers better than anyone.  However, we suspect that there are at least a handful every month who would be delighted by being presented with an inspiring cremation urn option.  When a person is forced to choose based on which they dislike the least, price becomes the primary motivating factor.  Memento would love to help you offer choices based on heart.

This survey was designed to find out if our assertions are correct.  We hope that you will find the information as useful as we have.  Moreover, we hope that you will choose Memento as your go-to for when beyond extraordinary is required.

Chris Harvan

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Participants experiences with urns in the funeral industry

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...experiences, feelings, and tendencies when it comes to cremation and urns for their own remembrance. 

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Participants' feelings about cremation and urn choice, quality, and price


Participants' thoughts about how urns impact the funeral and grieving.

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