Willow the dog with a human face had some of the most incredibly communicative expressions.

We chose to put Willow down in 2014.  I was there with her.  I took some final photos of her, but they are pretty hard for me to look at.  I might post them here eventually.

If I live long enough, I will need another life to grieve since I do so at a glacier's pace.

Willow, Willard, Wilma was as greasy as a baby seal but she didn't love the water like her German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab mix would have otherwise inclined one to expect.  She smelled like Jiffy-Pop.  Ugh, man.  I would like for her to climb in my lap again and let her know she was loved.

She had a problem with licking the people she loved.  Or rather, the people she lived with had a problem with being licked so profusely but she was the best dog I have ever known.  I am not sure what I have done without her.

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