The Big Lebowski Urn Prop Replicas

The Big Lebowski Urns we assemble and create display stands for started out as an homage to the movie itself.  Taking them to funeral industry trade shows runs the risk of misunderstanding due to not getting the reference, but we do it anyhow because the people that do "get it" love it.  Our first was auctioned off to benefit  Since the response has been so positive, we continue to put them together as time and materials are available.

While there are plenty of Folgers coffee cans to be had on the internet, the exact version of the coffee can used in the movie was made in the mid 90's and not in the kind of quantities that make it easy to come by.  The style itself can be found with some effort but nailing down the "For All Coffee Makers" version is even rarer.  There are size variations and condition factors as well.  As an extra kicker, the blue lid is from a Maxwell House tin from the same decade that is just as difficult to source.

There are times when we have to buy a group of unrelated coffee cans in order to get to the one sweet prize within to make it possible to say goodnight to one sweet prince.  We will accept cans that are "Automatic Drip" or other grind styles as we find them. Some cans are unopened and still have what might be coffee in them. Sometimes a seller is wise to the rarity and potential end use as a Big Lebowski Urn and jacks up the price. 

Big Lebowski UrnS


There is no right or wrong in terms of remembrance.  So if a coffee can feels right for you or a loved one, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.  The best funeral directors will embrace your desire to not be "a sap" and help you make your memorial service bowling or Lebowski themed.

Deathcare professionals are hard-working, service-oriented people who get an undeserved bad rap for one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  Most of them just want to help.  All of them are familiar with how our culture handles grieving and can help you through the extremely difficult process.  Even if you do assemble a Big Lebowski Urn, you may want to rely on their expertise and comfort with the medium for transferring the cremated remains.


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