"It’s almost impossible to put into words what the squid urn means to my husband Tom and I.  When our first baby Dylan died in December 2010, I couldn’t imagine burying his little body in the ground.  We decided to cremate him, then took his ashes home in the brass cube provided by the funeral home.  I could pick “him” up whenever I wanted, but this new “home” didn’t seem good enough.  Then our friends Chris and Shelley offered to create an urn for him.  We had talked about a few different designs, but this little boy was special and deserved something really unique.  Dylan’s nickname in utero had been “the squid”, so an urn shaped like a squid seemed perfectly fitting.  I know that I will never be able to comprehend the countless hours, days and  weeks that were spent creating this remarkable piece of art, but I am truly grateful to have such amazing friends who, out of the kindness of their hearts, gave my baby the perfect place to spend an eternity. "

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